[Chill Wave] Owseyがこれまで発表してきたトラック33曲をフリーダウンロードで公開

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アイルランド出身のOwen FergusonによるプロジェクトOwseyがこれまでsoundcloudを中心に発表してきたトラック33曲をフリーダウンロードで公開。

Owsey’s Free Music

1.We Are Your Friend
3.I’ll Remain Under Our Antique Sky
4.Places We Never Went Together
5.CoMa & Owsey – Stay With Me
6.Don’t Worry, I’m Here Now
7.At The Top Of Our Hill, We Could See The Atlantic
8.Sweetheart of Kairi feat. CoMa (Owsey & Sorrow) – Last Summer Song
9.Her Sorrow, His Smile
10.CoMa & Owsey – Imagine That
11.She Had One Chance Before He Sailed Away
12.The Last Smile From Sarah
13.Sweetheart of Kairi (Owsey & Sorrow) – Approaching Farewell
14.Owsey, Stumbleine & Shura – You Came Out of Nowhere
15.Owsey & Resotone – Darling, I Wish You Well
16.For People Who Strengthen Our Lives
17.Drifting Through The Weightless Forest
18.Owsey & Resotone – Cya!
19.Give Me Truth
20.Dave Greening & Owsey – Heartache
21.Sweetheart of Kairi (Owsey & Sorrow) – Leaving You Behind
22.Loom, Ambient, Darkness, Lighthouse, Atmosphere – Lighthouse
23.Once Upon A Time On A Far Away Beach
24.Sweetheart of Kairi (Owsey & Sorrow) – One Chance With Her, Two With Mistakes
25.Dave Greening & Owsey – Purgatory
26.Quiet Strength
27.She Who Is Afraid To Explore Potential (Numb)
28.The Horizon, Hidden in Our Movements
29.The Melody That Plays Loud Through Sundown Skies
30.Sweetheart of Kairi (Owsey & Sorrow) – To Yearn & To Reconcile
31.Unkept Reminiscence
32.Cyra Morgan & Owsey – You Gave Me A Letter In A Field Of Stars
33.We Gazed Far Out To Sea (The Unending Quartet Version)

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