morr musicがdrip fmの登録ユーザー向けに15曲入りのカバーアルバムを配信


morr musicがdrip fmのレーベル登録ユーザー向けにこれまでリリースされてきた曲の中からカバー曲を集めたコンピレーションアルバムを配信開始した。

V.A – A Collection Of Covers

1.Skanfrom – Here She Comes (by Slowdive)
2.People Press Play – Kaleidoscope World (by the Chills)
3.ISAN – Gymnopédie #1 (by Erik Satie)
4.Masha Qrella – Don´t Stop The Dance (by Bryan Ferry)
5.Tarwater – Sweet Home Under White Clouds (by Virgin Prunes)
6.Lali Puna – Together In Electric Dreams (by Giorgio Moroder & Phil Oakley)
7.Telekinesis – The Drawback (by Warsaw)
8.Seabear – Teenage Kicks (by The Undertones)
9.It’s A Musical – All My Hollowness To You (by Tall Dwarfs)
10.múm – Machine Gun (by Slowdive)
11.John Yoko – Morning Paper (by Smog)
12.Masha Qrella – Little Prince (by Frederick Loewe)
13.American Analog Set – Anything Could Happen (by The Clean)
14.ISAN – Gymnopédie #3 (by Erik Satie)
15.Sin Fang – The Only Living Boy In New York (by Simon & Garfunkel)

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