HeliosことKeith Kenniffがリミックスアルバムをリリース。
Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Peters、Hammock、Arms and Sleepers等の人気のエレクトロニカアーティストが参加している。

1. Hope Valley Hill (Arms and Sleepers Remix)
2. Halving The Compass (Rhian Sheehan Remix)
3. The Obeisant Vine (Hammock Remix)
4. Every Hair on Your Head (Ben Boysen Remix)
5. First Dream Called Ocean (Colin Kenniff Remix)
6. Hollie (Rafael Anton Irisarri Remix)
7. Falling In Swirls(Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Peters Remix)
8. Helios – Caera * (Previously unreleased)

Store for the Unseen (projects of Keith Kenniff & Hollie Kenniff); Helios, Mint Julep and Goldmund.

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