Human Pyramids [BEST 5 Music of 2014]

BEST 5 Music of 2014

Pup - Pup

Pup – Pup

This Canadian 4 piece re-ignited my love of of indie-rock this year. Messy, Fast and incredibly Melodic. Most mornings this year I have been dancing around my bedroom air-guitarring to they’re song Resevoir.


Aphex Twin – Syro

Probably the most anticipated album of the year. I cant remember the last time I wrote the release date on a calendar and counted down the days to be first in line at the record store. It didn’t disappoint. The production of this album makes listening an absolute joy. Every sound is in exactly the right place and sounds perfect. Yes, Aphex Twin has been away for 13 years, but he is still the King of electronic music.


Gnarwolves – Gnarwolves

Finally Gnarwolves debut! I had owned (and loved) all they’re EPs.. But this is they’re first full length.. and it is amazing! Much more mature, but just as Fast & Ferocious!


TV on the Radio – Seeds

TV on the Radio know how to create fantastic albums. Sonically varied, exciting and refreshing songwriting throughout. They say the concept of an album is outdated and that it is just a collection of songs in a convenient format. This album is the Antithesis to that, this is designed to be listened to from start to finish. LOUD.


tUnE-yArDs – Nikki Nakk

I have been enchanted by tUnE-yArDs after watching her play a concert in Istanbul last summer. The most talented performer I have seen in a long time. On Nikki Nakk, she opens up her sonic palette much wider, with synths and more.. and it is all the better for it! If you can, watch this live.. She is sensational!

Human Pyramids
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