[Ambient DJ MIX | Free Download] Air TextureのEscape Artが最新DJ MIXをフリーダウンロードで公開

Escape Art Air Texture - The Bay Lights Mix

Escape Art (Air Texture)が最新DJ MIXをフリーダウンロードで公開。
このDJ MIXはLeo VillarealがサンフランシスコのBay Bridgeで行うアートプロジェクトThe Bay Lightsのオープニングセレモニーにて披露されたものである。

Escape Art (Air Texture) – Bridge to Babylon Mix for The Bay Lights

Richie Hawtin and Pete Namlook “Silent Intelligence Part II” (FAX +49-69/450464)
Testu Inoue “Mini Moon” (FAX +49-69/450464)
Koss “Kokoro” (Mindgames)
Ishq “Alaya” (Adelph Zero)
Tmmrw “Echoes” (Unreleased)
Pete Namlook and the New Composers “Russian Spring Part II” (FAX +49-69/450464)
Pete Namlook and the New Composers “Russian Spring Part VII” (FAX +49-69/450464)
Brock Van Wey “I Knew Happiness Once” (echospace)
Mick Chillage “Hypothermia” (Psychonavigation)
Leandro Fresco “Cuando El Sol Grita La Mañana” (Kompakt)
NSI. Non Standard Institute “Violant” (Air Texture)
Pete Namlook and David Moufang “Home Shopping” (FAX +49-69/450464)
Intrusion “Static Waves” (echospace)

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