Murohashi Takuyaの2nd Album「The Diary of Soundscape」がintroducing!からリリース決定

Murohashi Takuya-The Diary of Soundscape

AYからリリースした1st EP「From Here To Somewhere」は日本を超え海外でも話題になり、SoundClouder Of The Dayにも選ばれたMurohashi Takuyaが2nd Album「The Diary of Soundscape」を発表。

Murohashi Takuya – The Diary of Soundscape
1. Places of Souls
2. A Day to Remember
3. Letters
4. End of Silence
5. I am
6. The Diary of Soundscape
7. A Light for Lost Hope
8. The Afternoon Streets
9. In the Shadow
11. Nothing
12. Reflection
13. Dreamcatcher

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